Governors' Portraits

A small showcase of South Dakota's governors
Governors' Portraits


$6.00, Paperback
ISBN: 9780985290542

The third South Dakota Historical Society Press Chapbook

As the governors of South Dakota leave office each one has been commemorated with a portrait hung in the halls of the state capitol. This hall of honor lends majesty to the old building and serves as a reminder of the men who have occupied the state's highest political office.

This chapbook contains a photograph of each portrait, as well as a brief biography of each governor from Arthur C. Mellette to Dennis M. Daugaard.

A previous chapbook provides similar information on each first lady and the First Lady Inaugural Gowns exhibited in the capitol.

What is a chapbook?
Five hundred years ago in England, street sellers known as chapmen began selling small books, pamphlets, treaties, and manifestos. These publications, usually numbering thirty to sixty pages, became extrememly popular with the average (literate) citizen. Quickly, the little books took the name "chapbooks" in homage to those who sold them.